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IX Certamen Internacional de Microrrelatos de San Fermín


Maria Jose Irigoyen Del Castillo

Cuesta de Santo Domingo. “A San Fermín pedimos….” La primera mirada. “Por ser nuestro patrón…” Me ha sonreído….”Nos guíe en el encierro”…..Parece nervioso. “Dándonos su bendición”. ¡Y qué bendición! ….Su primer encierro, seguro. ¡Viva San Fermín! Es un crío. ¡Gora San Fermín!
Estallan los cohetes, lo pierdo de vista. No me lo puedo quitar de la cabeza. Pero,… ¡ Si podría ser mi hijo! Mejor me voy a desayunar y me olvido. Llego al casino, ¡Madre mía, cuánta gente!…. De pronto, unos ojos me miran. ¡Es él! ¡No puede ser! ¡Dios mío, pero si parezco una adolescente! ¡No me lo puedo creer, él, en el baile de la alpargata! ¡Qué bueno! ¿Con quién habrá venido? ¡Qué más da!…. Se acerca, estamos bailando. ¡Ay que mareo! Llevo demasiados cubatas en el cuerpo…..Me abraza, me dejo llevar, estoy flotando. Soy la mujer más dichosa del mundo. Si es un sueño, no me quiero despertar. Me ha besado, ¡sí..! ¡A mí..! Sé que me están mirando, murmuran… ¡Por fin algo interesante! –piensan- ¡Más vale que me tengan envida que no caridad! ¿Seguirá conmigo mañana? En San Fermín todo es posible…. Pero si no, ¡qué me quiten lo bailado!


álvaro González López González López

Volvía a pisar esas calles otro julio más. Eran seis los Sanfermines que había acudido a Pamplona, pero era el único, el primero, en el que ya no estaba ella. Había llegado el día 5 por la tarde, no quiso avisar a ninguna de sus viejas amistades. Se fue directamente al hotel. En la habitación, colocó con pulcritud su ropa blanca, sus pañuelos rojos y las zapatillas. Bajó al bar y bebió, cuando considero que estaba suficientemente borracho decidió irse a dormir; no sin antes avisar en recepción que le despertaran a las 7:00.
Madrugó. Tomó magras con tomate en la soledad del buffet. Adoraba ver como la ciudad, poco a poco, era apoderada por la fiesta. Salió, de blanco impoluto y pañuelo a la muñeca, rumbo a lo viejo.
Arrastraba los pies y el corazón por la Plaza del Castillo, suspiraba mirando ese balcón donde una vez estuvieron juntos desafiando al mundo. Ella respondió al amor con desdén y al desdén con amor, y se fue.
El cohete estallaba en el cielo, comenzaban las Fiestas de San Fermín. Mientras anudaba al cuello su pañuelo, una rubia le dijo: «vamos a ser felices un rato, vida mía». E hizo de su corazón un triunfo 


Lucia Alcazar Lara

Leyendo a Hemingway surgió la fiesta y en la fiesta, la plaza y en la plaza, el chupinazo y miles de personas cantando y bailando. Bailando recorrió la noche de calle en calle, con estrellas en los ojos. Los ojos se comieron la madrugada y el día amaneció con churros y con el cuello al aire, pues el pañuelo rojo perdió. Del cuello lo cogió alguien para apartarle del morlaco, que embistió contra la valla. Después todo fue rápido y al rato ya estaba en pie, y del pie le salió una bota y de la bota vino fresco para el santo que da nombre a la fiesta. En la fiesta, encontró amigos. Los amigos con él compartieron su alegría y la alegría le llevó a gritar viva San Fermín. 

Regarding the sets off A Dirty Car Can Cause Exclusive Women Definitely not want To Date You

Technology has had a tremendous impact on just how we currently date. Due to computer over the past number of years online dating services has exploded in to a issue that was most likely most certainly not expected initially. It’s possible it is the quick pace world that people now live in however, many individuals are using social networks, On line going out with internet sites (totally free and paid), instant messaging, and e mail it’s all fast, crazy and most of the time-consuming, obsessive, impersonal, and simply leaves lots of people having a tendency to look around as they quite simply may not such as the overall look of a specific image.

Looking around seems to be so fast people are likely to make a conclusion quickly. This is simply not how all of us function as human’s looking for a romantic relationship. So why must it be so quick and moving at a hundred miles per hour? There are various advantages of online dating as it helps increase the opportunities of actually meeting a buddy. It offers you an opportunity to check around and see what’s out there. However ,, you will find negatives likewise mainly because half the time you have no idea who have you are talking to. There can be a tendency to be dishonest regarding who they really are and what exactly they are looking for. People can be dishonest about what their age is, level, weight, if they’re single or hitched. They can be unethical about anything they want which in turn inturn is one of the main disadvantages of this online dating world.

Sometimes you ask your self if some people are merely seeking to get away from their day-to-day lifestyle and live a wonderland. That is what the internet might offer. Although there are a number of them that do meet on-line, who have romances, friendship and become close and perhaps get married. There are various customer feedback about and with no data files of success Internet dating would never work. I often question if these are the exception to this rule. As you grow older it is usually rather tough to meet people and these kinds of communications can start persons discussing. Which can only be an excellent.

It could be extremely tough to show sense of humour, irony and also standard things like the tone from the chat using e-mail or perhaps instant messaging because sometimes these kinds of will get lost when you are keying in. It was a discussion with an individual a sense of the tone may appear across totally differently. All human relationships are created in interaction and communication this way can be extremely challenging.

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Picking No-Hassle Programs For Dating Sites for Adults

Dialogue internet is normally hugely popular. The problem is you can find not many no cost adult community forums where we are able to talk over adult topics. Due to their status, site owners more and more opt to demand designed for the company. In this article, you are going to understand tips on how to discover fairly easily many these chat communities, many of which are entirely free.

An Introduction To Criteria In top live sex cams /adult-webcam-sites/ We can broadly categorize the free chat rooms on many of these basis as exchange method like text, audio or video recording chat. Video chat is usually witnessing an boost in the overall usage as a result of rise in the transfer rates and extend of web-based usage. It works on a common platform, through which an applet was made where real-time email from a group are actually displayed instantaneously. They are engineered keeping in mind the location specifications and language differences. Since a significant proportion of online users want exchanging messages to other many people of their native language, so they usually prefer a region certain place. Studies have shown the fact that 80% of the entire owners prefer regional rooms. You’ll find it offers them a service to change local views and news, this make sure that they are alert to current scenario. Some with the most common types include dating, news, nation-wide politics, finance and sports.

Online dating sites – A Thrilling Way of Getting Mr or Ms Most suitable

Revealing Rudimentary Elements For 1 ) He is usually accusing you that you’re cheating on him, if he has been accusing you on this regularly to get no apparent reason, sometimes it is any sign that he or she is developing an affair! He may be accusing you in cheating that can help him feel what she or he is working on is okay, and he knows that cheating for you is a really possibility since he could be arising from by it and you could complete a comparable.

Being married and dating is normally quite normal and in reality, it has been there for quite a while today. There are many websites on affair online dating sites and agencies too which usually deal only with dating for married people. So, should you seeking that a person special and many years you have not prevailed to locate your ex, don’t trouble yourself; there are many ways you could discover him or simply her. Clear-Cut Secrets For Clarified

But if the instincts inform you of that an item might happen relating to the both of you in due course however, you cannot place a finger in it back then additionally there is purpose to remain. You know yourself best that also time picking out sense some feelings of reservation which could get conversation difficult. The key this is certainly to compensate attention and be observant. Do end afraid to look with, specially if you signify it. It is unwise to experience a handful of words planned for a affair. This is a date and not just an interview not having 1 wants a robot. People prefer you to definitely become natural with this they fully familiarize you will better. In case you plan for things and so they don’t happen your path it might heave you off balance, wish to get yourself, plan not to hope too much and enable whatever you do suggested to reveal. Talk about your thinking and observations without judging yourself. If it was intended to be it could, do not try excessive to pass through an assessment that will not really worth it ultimately. In case you have come this far chances are they’ll moreover have picked being there. Do not fret about ones mishaps or theirs, it really is anticipated in the affair and builds the recollection believe together eventually share.

The right conversation material is actually some thing neutral. Talk to her as you just want to become friends, it will help the girl’s let her safeguard down and in actual fact take note of you will. Remember, yourrrre still using very difficult to get as a result don’t go asking the girl’s for almost any wedding date yet. If you do want to match her don’t make whatever silly comments relating to how she fell from heaven and also her eyes sparkle. Every one’s eyes sparkle if you end up in a very crowded club with flashing devices, nice try.

How to Become a Professional Swimsuit Model

There is no real modest difference somewhere between searching wonderful and being overconfident. Between appearing cocky and drab clueless. You may have encounter books that preach the gospel to become cocky. Even then, you will be cautioned not to get too cocky. It is almost like a good science to balance cockiness with reason. The thing is, folks’ ‘cocky’ meters vary. An individual girl might consider ones cockiness attractive, while some other may well imagine that you’re going overboard.

If you’re in love with a Sagittarius man, count yourself blest. The men blessed under this sign are actually good. Most of the strong feminine side means they are true partners and inventive fans. They is usually flirtatious along the length of and for that reason, the daily life will likely be inspiring. They have a great charisma and so are known for their physical appearance.

It can be exciting to date a sugar daddy much like you are not driving to make sure you college, quite possibly surely have his driver secure you university as part of his Mercedes or Ferrari mention a few be sure that you are actually secure. For some students, life after exams is as a result of solely the four corners of their living room chatting regarding the latest at tv and what is new regarding the hit singer each one has some crush on. But for you, your sugar daddy won’t only result in you to help you speak by means of friends relating to this although he will almost certainly mean you can come to feel it directly. Your sugar daddy can easily take you out by means of an expensive concert even so in the country easily so you can watch your designers perform. He will love looking at you’ve got wonderful and luxuriate in. 1 ) You have to be capable of celebrate. For everybody who is the kind of chap that acts uptight or simply doesn’t discover how to wind down and relax, then you definitely are apt to use a very difficult time trying to find a university lover to happen to be seduced by you will. One of the worst mistakes you would make if you want to get college girls is usually to come across as stuffy and boring. You have to demonstrate that they can can have only interesting when she’s out with you. Chlorine in exclusive pools and spas breach lycra, that is a vital component for many of us tankini fabric. And when this kind of happens, any UPF 50+ cover from the sun fast decreases. Other cosmetic attributes including coloring and fit also decline using the break down of lycra so you end up with a swimsuit who appears baggy and faded.