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IX Certamen Internacional de Microrrelatos de San Fermín


María Puy Villanueva Díaz

Ella se dispuso a vestirse de blanco y rojo, una vez más… .Había hecho una promesa. Viviría la fiesta de día , antes de irse. Esperaba que la ayudara a recordar.
Él se dispuso a vestirse, para ir a trabajar. Dormiría de día y vería la noche desde la barra, como siempre. Esperaba que le ayudara a olvidar.

No era probable que coincidieran, no estaba previsto que se encontraran, pero el destino es caprichoso. No eran unas fiestas más. Estas eran diferentes. Las de despedida para ella, las de expectativas, para él.

Ella caminaba rezando una jota. Él iba silbando una jota, cuando sus pasos se cruzaron en el eterno y denso recorrido del encierro.
Ninguno dijo nada. Pero entre el ruido del gentío, los ojos gritaron lo que callaron las bocas. Ella quiso decir: “Aún tienes estrellas en los ojos”. El quiso responder: aún me tiemblan las piernas”.
Tantos nudos en sus gargantas como en sus viejos pañuelos.
Se oyó en lo alto una jota… Ella miró al cielo…él al suelo.

A lo lejos, alguien cantaba: no te vayas de Pamplona, no te vayas de Navarra. Y hacia el cielo en volutas, una oración , un silbo… que hizo a San Fermín llorar.


ángel Novillo Sánchez De Pedro

La realidad a veces se me hace pesada, preñada de sinsentido. Las apariencias se han convertido en falsas certezas. La vida parece un videojuego.
Nos hacen creer que la realidad virtual, es la auténtica. La que fabrican unos cuantos a su antojo pretendiendo imponerla a todos. Llena de falsos racionalismos. Todo medido y cuadriculado. Políticamente correcto. Demasiado domesticado.
Sí me gusta la vida cuando me guardo las convenciones junto con el que dirán, en un bolsillo y corro, dejando el miedo entre mi espalda y las astas de los toros. Ahí el miedo está bien, porque no te paraliza, sino que te hace avanzar e ir construyendo momentos que forman el tapiz del tiempo.
Sí me gusta la realidad cuando se siente la vida y se descorre el velo de las mentiras. Cuando la democracia no se convierte en la dictadura de las mayorías, si no en el respeto a la diversidad.
Sigo corriendo, sintiendo mi realidad, la realidad que quiero, y no la que me dictan otros. Compruebo que así soy libre.
¡Angelito, ven a cenar!
Apago el ordenador. GAME OVER. No pasa nada, mañana correré en San Fermín. Afortunadamente la realidad todavía no se ha convertido en un videojuego.



José Oscar Rodríguez Zarraluqui

Recién llegados, los cuatro enfilamos la cuesta de Santo Domingo, miramos las manecillas del reloj instalado en la fachada del ayuntamiento y caminamos hasta detenernos al inicio de la calle Estafeta. Esta asoma inquietante. Nosotros nos miramos nerviosos. ¿Deberíamos participar en esta carrera de locos? El miedo me empuja a pasitos cortitos hacia el vallado…Imagino que como a los demás… Trotamos despistados, cuando un desconocido con camiseta a rayas nos trasmite, en su idioma, que un cohete ha tronado sobre el cielo de Pamplona. La muchedumbre inicia una alocada carrera. Empujones, caídas, rasguños y los astados sin aparecer. Pulsaciones y adrenalina se disparan cuando percibimos que los tenemos encima. Asustado me tiro por un diminuto hueco entre las tablas del vallado cuando veo un par de pezuñas oscuras, grandiosas, pisotear con violencia la pantorrilla de un corredor y seguir, como si nada, su camino. Los gritos y aspavientos se suceden mientras resoplo tranquilo. A salvo.
Al cabo de un rato me encuentro con mis compañeros de viaje. Los tres han dado con sus huesos en el suelo. Nada grave. Se santiguan por seguir vivos.
Camino de una pensión de mala muerte, bromeamos y quedados para correr otro encierro en Pamplona, aunque no sabemos cuando.

Outlines For Aspects For The Best Dating Sites

Gals lube ‘s no longer just a thing that functions being a lubrication to be certain that you’ll be able to have a very good good love-making experience as well if that you’re bit dry. Nowadays you’ll find a lot of women lube the fact that also functions since an enhancement on your love-making and may assist you in a number of ways to acquire additionally love-making life.

Plenty of people opting for the online market place dating services currently expecting selecting love. There are lots of different web pages that promote the ability that you can discover your ideal match. Checking out a few will during pinpointing should it be some plausible alternative in your case or not. Its also wise to identify each profile which includes a effect of suspicion. Don’t forget this helpful tip at the time you were definitely conducting your search. You might find that of the fact that info for you to on the internet is probably not in step with everything you may possibly acquire if you fulfill the specific directly.

two. ) Take along some moral support. There’s nothing more nerve racking than being at a gathering that you just be aware of which has no 1. Having a friend meant for support can ease ones anxiety and help you to action almost like yourself. You will be able to activate by means of this good friend in advance of probable dates. This will allow day to find most people on the normal setting behaving true to help you yourself. Investigating Vital Criteria In dating a rich man

By using the Internet to learn love online, could very well be announced, virtually speaking, to dozens, of not hundreds, of folks which is a really fantastic match for yourself. After that you can flick through their particular profiles and see if, applying physical characteristics, profession, income, preferences and wants, whether they’re someone you’d like to secure acquainted with more.

Women – Characteristics That Drive Men Away

Before I started really working on your communal interaction, My partner and i no idea what Need be in someone. I mean I actually THOUGHT I knew the things I wanted and truley what was significant, but damn was I just way off. When you’ve met a restricted a higher standard many people, you simply have a very teeny scope of what’s really to choose from. By way of reaching new people and personalities in several situations, it could chuck open your world.

One on the things that people ought to keep at heart web-based shopping is always that companies wish to store data. Data with what people buying with what varieties of nutrition they eat and the place often. The other information that is certainly recorded is in all likelihood all with the consumer’s personal and financial tips. Not only are databases stored in terms of a consumer’s clothing preferences and most desired cologne, what bank card that they used as well as amount including any three, his or her’s bank-account amount, and positively any kind of online information among them e-mail addresses and myspace or facebook reports. Keep at heart who irrespective of a company’s internet privacy policies this level of detail is stored and on hand to retrieve without notice, at all, if disclosed designed for the client this is not.

Investigating Vital Criteria In Furnish her which has a old fashioned date. In spite of how current and independent women may well imagine they can be, in terms of going out with, no less than the most important wedding date, they’re traditional. In most womens minds, a usual day necessitates the person making the reservations to make sure you wherever they’re going, picking out the woman » up » and having to pay the charge. Do not expect her to satisfy you on the initial wedding date as well as to help out with paying to the snack. Doing your initial wedding date properly are certain to get things off to the best suited foot.

Consider some of the Odds of Finding Love When Over 50?

The Facts On Clear-Cut Programs Of Layout It is usually common know-how which usually if you will want advice on gear, or perhaps it is your physical appearance, ask a gay person. Just glance at the best designers on earth of fashion. So how can you tell management experience trend or in any manner not? Check with yourself- «When was one more time period someone complimented me on my visual aspect? » If this for no reason materialized to you or it happens lower than weekly oahu is the perfect time to get the clothing collection makeover.

A further advantage may be the fact that a lot of people the fact that do not get adequate income to help you venture to fancy restaurants or pubs can continue to use a date online. Distance will never subject (who cares if the woman is an African princess, rendering the woman is online) because that chat room certainly is the bench for 2, with the web cam let’s so you see your partner all right.

For the guys round, it can be time to deal with reality. Lover happen to be better than us at dating and figure out attraction. Getting men to note and come to be seduced by them is ingrained in every single females mind. It is no think about that this singles dating scene can be extremely cruel to men who will not be entirely specified of what precisely they are doing. You need to step back and i highly recommend you take a web site coming from my acquaintances on the subject of attracting and seducing people. Thus said, here are a couple secrets of attraction woman often use across men you should use once again!